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Men's Latest News

Winter League (mens) round 4 was played on the 2 December with 27 teams taking part. The format was a Stableford 2 from 4 and 3 from 4 on all the even holes.

The winning team was he Speedies on 117 points, Roger Lee, Chris Daly, Scott Millership, and Dave Heath. 

2nd Toucan's Boys on 114, John Willoughby, Lee Ellis, Colin Matthews and Scott Matthews. 

3rd RP's on 109, Kris Vardy, Wayne Rogers, Phil Aston and Kev Vardy. 

4th Birdie Boys on 105, Jason Hugill, Dave Hugill, Dale Wells and Neil Martindale. 

5th Bacons Butties on 104, Simon Mills, Bryn Jones, Mark Franklin and Tony Jackson. 

6th Graeme's Gang on 103 on a BB6 (40) 

7th Hillbilly Bandits also on 103 on a BB9 (54) 

8th Blue and White Wizards also on 103 points (52 B9) 

9th The X Files on 100 points. 

10th Walkers Wild Things on 99 on a BB9 (53).

Next week is a Team Turkey Trot on a two tee start.


The Scratch League team made a presentation to their Captain and Club President  Stuart Moore for all his effort and commitment in supporting the team.  He replied saying that he had great pleasure and enjoyment working with all the players over many years. This was much appreciated.


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