Hole 11 (The Gorge) - 171 Yards, Par 3

Pro's Tips

What a view! But don't get distracted. Length judgement is everything on this picturesque par 3.

The green is considerably below the tee so taking a club less makes sense. But this hole faces directly into the prevailing wind, and on a blustery day with the wind from the west, you will need a few clubs more, not less.

Our deepest bunker, 8 yards short of the front edge, awaits those who under-club. Don't worry though, the bunker has steps and is easy to get into and out of.

Into a stiff westerly wind, golfers who hit the ball hard with a long iron may see their ball set new altitude records, and still land a little short!

But those who get both line and length right are rewarded with a spectacular view of the ball landing from a great height, and stopping next to the pitchmark to set up that birdie opportunity.