Hole 13 (The Pond) - 349 Yards, Par 4

Pro's Tips

Accuracy is the key to this hole. The tee shot is complicated by a large tree approximately halfway to the hole. You should seek to take your tee shot past this tree, and ideally into the centre of the fairway.

Longer hitters will be able to go over the tree, but don't be too ambitious with your tee shot. The green is protected at the front by a pond and two further trees. If you get too close, and you're not in the centre of the fairway, the trees and the pond will conspire to make your approach shot very awkward.

The sensible option is to take a club to reach the centre of the landing area, ensuring a clear view on approach.

The green is quite narrow and closely protected by a bunker at either side. It slopes slightly towards you, so in appropriate conditions you can go pinseeking with a lofted club.

Do take note of flag colour when choosing your club, as this is a deep green at 37 yards long. Its subtle gradients cause many to three put if the approach leaves a 20+ yard putt.