Hole 7 (Rhododendron) - 294 Yards, Par 4

Pro's Tips

Despite being one of our shorter Par 4s, the 7th is by no means the easiest.

It tempts big hitters to cut the corner, but the more you cut off, the smaller the landing zone. Full-on drives that go too straight may find that the silver birch trees at the front left of the green complicate the approach. To the left, our beautiful Rhododendron bushes await pulled tee shots.

If you do the sensible thing and play it straight, take note of the left-to-right slope along the entire fairway, which can kick weaker shots into the apex bunker or the trees, but will push better shots down the hill towards the green.

An accurate tee shot is rewarded by a nice view of the green, and of our most challenging bunker which you will see at the front right. Don't go there!