Men's Latest News

On Sunday 26th January the Men played round 9 of the Winter League series.  It was a two tee start with 22 teams playing a stableford format, where players changed their playing partners every 6 holes, ie  A and B, C and D for 6 then A and C, B and D for 6 holes, and finally A and D, B and C, for the last 6 holes. 

The Winners Hillbilly Bandits on 90 points, 18 under par, Ian Hardman, carding 5 gross birdies, Stuart Johnson, Steve Betts and Jimmy Boyles, back in the game. 

2nd Norfolk and Chance on 89 points, (B9 44)Owen Rafferty, Chay Rafferty, Stuart Connell and Graham Batchford. 

3rd Birdie Boys also on 89 points (B9 40), Jason Hugill, Dave Hugill, Dale Wells and Neil Martindale. 

4th on 88 points David's Dream Team, John Willoughby, Graham Rowley, Andy Massey and Alan LLoyd. 

5th Turkish Drunks, on 85 points, good to see John Storey back in action, Rob Moore, John Archibald and Lee Sowter. 

6th Youngs Punters on 83 points. 

7th X Files on 83 points, scoring their first points of the season, drafting in Mike Grundy for his first game of the season. 

8th Graemes Gang on 82 points (B9 42). 

9th Top Bananas also on 82 (B9 41). 

10th The Tigers again on 82 points (B9 40), with the Captain supporting the team. 

Next week back to a shotgun start and hopefully with fine dry weather.