Mens Welcome

Play Golf - When It Suits You

Retford Golf Club prides itself on the ease and flexibility with which any Gentleman can find a game of golf with like-minded others.

Midweek & Saturday Fiddles

Organized member's Fiddles (some clubs call them Roll-ups) take place every weekday, plus Saturdays, and on most days there is more than one start-time available. For Gentlemen who are able to play weekdays especially, our Fiddles provide a wonderfully flexible way to play golf and to get-to-know a wide range of other members. All you need to join in is membership, a handicap and an enjoyment of the company of fellow golfers. There's a lively and easy to join Saturday scene too.

Sunday Competitions

During most Sundays, the club organises a sign-up competition, some (but not all) playing from the back tees to test your game. Our highly popular Winter League has more than 20 teams who battle it out through the darker months, seldom missing a game thanks to the year-round nature of golf at Retford. Through the summer season, numerous knockout tournaments for individuals and pairs progress and our Golf Committee organises regular (qualifying) Stablefords and Medal competitions.

Seniors' Events

Our many Fiddles are inclusive for all Gentlemen golfers. Our regulars range from shift-workers in their twenties and thirties through to retired Gents well into their eighties and from higher handicappers through to close-to-scratch players.

In addition, we have a range of Seniors' only annual competitions and we have an active Seniors' Team which conducts friendly matches throughout the main playing season with neighbouring clubs. There's also a monthly competition specifically for Seniors and two popular Seniors' AM-AM Opens, which are usually over-subscribed.

Come and Try Our Course!

For many Gents, golf is as much about the comradeship and friendly banter as it is about the golf itself. Yet we are incredibly lucky at Retford to have an extremely interesting and varied golf course to lock horns with.  You may not always play your best (none of us do!), but the variety of holes that Retford offers will ensure that you never get bored of trying to improve your game.

So why not give it a go?  All you need to engage with the Gents golf scene at Retford is a handicap and a sense of humour. Start by talking to staff in the Pro's Shop to find a group that will help you get started.

Or, if you don't have a handicap yet, ask about our Get-Into-Golf and new-member mentoring schemes. There is no better place to learn the game of golf than at Retford.