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This provides members with a round up of what has been happening at the club and plans for the future.




Winner of Captains' Drive & Parking Space 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Captains' Drive & Parking Space

Captains' Drive - Chris Naylor

Parking Space - Chris Simpson

New Year's Day Captains' Drive In 2022

New Years Day Captains Drive-off

To celebrate the start of a new golfing year at Retford Golf Club, the Captains of 2021 welcomed the incoming Captains for 2022, presenting them with their badges of office and best wishes for a successful year ahead.

With other Club members, the Captains and Vice Captains had a breakfast boost before the traditional Drive-In, when the new Captains drive their balls majestically off the first tee.  There followed a light-hearted match of 10 holes to complete the morning.

The new Men’s Captain is Mike Mahony, who takes over from Allan Meacher, and the Ladies’ Captain is Mary Saddington, taking over from Lin Tongue.  Their Vice Captains are Dave Halford and Anna Avery.  We wish them every success in 2022 and we thank Allan and Lin for their great work over two years, coping with the on-off vagaries of the pandemic.


Safegolf Accreditation

Safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of all members and visitors to Retford Golf Club.

To demonstrate that Retford Golf Club, as a whole, are committed towards presenting a SafeGolf environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults we have revised our policies to reflect this.  This is supported by our further commitment to meet the EGU SafeGolf accreditation requirements. 

The relevant policies can be accessed through the club office however there will be a shortened version on display in the club house foyer.  It is also available if you click here.

In addition to the revised policies the club have appointed a new Welfare Officer – Steve Hyatt (see photo).  The role of the Welfare Officer is clearly laid out through the role description which can be accessed through the club office. 

Junior golf is very important to any golf club and Retford have this clearly implanted within our vision to develop a safe and rewarding junior golf experience.  The measures are adopting are to ensure we provide a SafeGolf environment and that all those recruited/volunteer to work with juniors meet the guidelines.

Please CLICK HERE for details on how to contact our Welfare Officer.

England Golf Public Liability Insurance

England Golf, through whom we cover all members, now offer (as of 1st July 2019) £10 million personal liability cover. This is in the event that you are held liable for injuring someone or causing serious property damage at a golf facility. This covers members playing at any club in the UK.

There is no excess in respect of personal injury claims and only £500 excess in respect of damage to third party property.

Please click here for futher details.


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