Winter League

End of Season Team Event

Sunday 2nd April saw a fine and sunny morning, and 25 teams battling for the end of season four-man team event. The format was Stableford 2 from 4, with 3 to count on all par 3s (par was therefore 82).

The top five teams were as follows:

The Winners with 105 points (51B9), 23 under par, were Bob Mawkes, Dave Hammond, Mark Allan and fresh from his holidays, Harry Fitzakerley.

In second pace, also on 105 points (49B9) were Simon Young, James Darke, Andy Moir and James Messner.

3rd on 103 points ((52B9), Bob Palmer, Dave Cook, Phil Faulkiner and John Straker.

4th on 103 points (52B9), Dave Heath, Chris Daly, Roger Lee and Darran Parker.

5th also on 103 points (49B9), Steve Dickman, Matt Gormley, Gary Cheetham and Dean Cheetham. (all new members this year!)


The Men’s Winter League Concludes

The final round of Retford Men’s Winter League was played on Sunday 19 March. The format was a Texas Scramble, 4 drives per team member, with 12.5% of the combined team handicap.
The results on the day were :

  • 15th Misfits 58.75
  • 14th Jones Boys 58.77
  • 13th Old Divotonians 58.50
  • 12th No Chance 58.25
  • 11th The Bee's 58.25
  • 10th Bald Eagles 58.0
  • 9th Peckers Shooters 57.87
  • 8th Gastric Band 5.75
  • 7th Class Act 57.25
  • 6th Charlies Angels 56.25
  • 5th Inglorious Imports 56.12, ( the teams first points of the season) , Chris Glover, Ray Wood, Paul Lockwood and Dave Moore.
  • 4th Bobby Tupper Lads 55.87, Tony Inman, Ian Naylor, Mark Hepplestone and Chris Naylor.
  • 3rd Tricky Micky (B) 55.62, Jim Patchett, Micky O'Sullivan, Johnathon Stokes and Jamie Young.
  • 2nd Dude Where's My par, 54.50, James Darke, James Messener, Andy Moir and Scott Matthews.
  • 1st and Winners of The Mick Walker Memorial Trophy, Monty's Zoomers, Steve Hyatt, Dick Powell, John Wakeman and John Straker.

Marg Walker and her grand-daughter Katie presented the winners with the trophy.

Overall Results

After 15 rounds, some played in appalling weather, the final Winter League positions for 2017 are:

  • 10th Norfolk and Chance on 35 points
  • 9th Old Divotonians on 38 points
  • 8th Gastric Band on 38 point, 9 shots lost.
  • 7th Peckers Shooters 40 points
  • 6th Hillbilly Bandits 42 points
  • 5th Bobby Tupper Lads 48 points
  • 4th Bald Eagles 48 points 12 shots lost.
  • 3rd Tricky Micky (B) 49 points.
  • 2nd Dude Where's My Par 51 points

The Winners are MISFITS on 53 points: Louey Palmer, Shaun Woodcock, Neil Palmer, Wayne Lowe and their fifth team member Chris Faulkiner.

Well done to the worthy winners, it was a close run thing right up to the end.


The Captain presented the prizes and gave thanks to Craig Morris the club professional, the half way house staff, the bar staff, greens staff, Rex Riley and Stuart Moore.

The final league table can be downloaded below.

    File NameFile SizeUpload Date
icon Winter League Table 2016 - 2017.xls 100 kB 2017-03-20