Winter League

The Winter League

This weeks results for round 5 of the Mens Winter League. The format was a 2 from 4 stableford, the low handicap playing with high handicap.

 The Winners, Shaun Shank Redemption with a betterball total of 88, with a B9 of 45 and winning on a better back 6 of 32, Louey Palmer, Nick Spires, Neil Palmer and Shaun Woodcock.

 2nd Graemes Gang also on 88, 45 B9 and 31 B6, Ian Purdy, Andy Hopps, Ian Lindley and Michael Flynn.

 3rd Bobby Tupper Lads also on 88, 44B9, James Allen, Nathan Allen, Charlie Sheeran and Stuart Tuska.

 4th Two Hats on 87 points B9 48, Ian Littlewood, Steve Spurr, Mark Marshall and Tom Gilmore

 5th Class Act also on 87 points, with 44B9, Dave Jordan, Simon Anderson, Harry Fitzakerley and Ted Eccleshall

 6th Top Bananas again with 87 points with a B9 of 42, B6 of 29 points.

 7th Hillbilly Bandits another team on 87points, with a B9 of 42 losing out on the B6 of 26 points.

 8th Blue and White Wizardson 87, B9 of 41 points.

 9th Blind Squirrels on 86 points, B9 of 44.

10th Spare Parts, also 86 points with 40 B9.


Just missing out on the points Hornet Busters.


The next round is planned for Sunday January 10th 2021, with booking required on Sunday 3rd January at 16:00 for a tee time slot.



A PDF showing the current standings can be downloaded below. 


File NameFile Size
icon Formats Oct to Dec 2020.pdf 268.54 kB
icon Winter League Latest Results.pdf 814.88 kB