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Members Cup.  1st James Birch 2nd Daniel Brown


Mid week Stableford 05/08/20 1st Owen Rafferty 2nd John Straker


Saturday Stableford 08/0820 Adam Parker 2nd Owen Rafferty


Millennium Cup 1st George Bell 2nd Colin Smith


Mid week Stableford 12/08/20 1st Tony Jackson 2nd Russell Jackson


Roy Cadick Cup 1st Oliver Bacon 2nd Darren Hunt


Midweek Stableford 19/08/20 1st Steve Hyatt 2nd Martin Brown


Seniors Stableford 1st Allan Meacher 2nd John Brown


Club Championship Round 1 1st David Hough 2nd Ian Hardman

                                    Round 2 1st James Birch. 2nd Iain Naylor

36 hole Handicap  1st James Birch 2nd Darren Hunt


Club championship  1st Chris Naylor 2nd James Birch


Hospital Cup 1st Owen Rafferty 2nd George cordially

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Items (Page 1 of 1)