Hole 17 (Whisker Hill) - 307 Yards, Par 4

Pro's Tips

Don't be too intimidated by the view from the tee. Although the gap is narrow, the carry over the deep valley in front of the tee is short enough that most club golfers can make it to the fairway.

Very long hitters can reach the green, but that is a risky strategy as the green entrance is narrow and well protected by bunkers.

The sensible strategy is to select a club to lay up on the fairway, and then pitch in close for a birdie opportunity. Note that the green slopes slightly away from you.

Beware of the slope to the right side of the fairway, which can kick pushed tee shots into trouble beneath the overhanging branches of large trees. Long hitters who draw or pull too far left will similarly find that their approach is compromised by overhanging tree branches.